How Does It Work?

SMART Strategic Marketing Planning
Plot Twist Marketing develops and executes the most effective targeted marketing and sales strategy for your brand and business. Our process consists of:

Step 1: Getting To Know You

Step 1: Getting To Know You

  • Discuss your objectives, target market, marketing history, and competition
  • Evaluate your existing marketing and web presence
  • Analyze your web traffic and online campaign performance with web analytics
  • Focus on marketing tactics that we can improve to reach your goals
  • Select the best internet platforms to integrate into the online marketing strategy

Step 2: Training and Reporting ISP-pannel-20Mar2015

  • Create and demonstrate powerful and practical sales tools to the sales team
  • Revisit sales tool content at regular intervals after sales team provides feedback from the field
  • Recommend web analytics platforms for smart reporting that will enable you to make strategic, data-supported decisions

Step 3: Delivering your Customized, Results-Driven Marketing and Sales Strategy


  • This comprehensive approach has proven time and again to dramatically increase web traffic, campaign performance, and social media presence, all while boosting sales



Are your Goals “SMART”?

How do you measure the general health of your business? You need #BusinessGoals
Make them SMART:smart-goals

Specific: what, where, how?

Measurable: from and to

Assignable: who?

Realistic: feasible?

Time-Based: when?